Friday, May 30, 2008

This weeks pics....

She's a vegemite kid!!!

Vegemite - a staple in most Australian kids diet. I never really liked it but occasionally have a small scraping on a piece of toast or cruskit - I must have loads of butter with it though! Proud to say just this week we finished a big jar before the use by date. I always have some in the house and when my nieces and nephews came to stay make sure to buy a fresh jar but would never finish it and then suddenly check the use by and it would be months out of date. Guess things have changed now that Miss Charlie has taken a liking to it. Don't know if she so much likes the taste as the feel of it smeared all over her face, hands, high chair and what ever else she can get her sticky little hands on. Man that stuff is gross to clean off. I have a vegemite girl :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Phew it was good news:)

So we get home this afternoon after being out all morning not to mention being up since 4am (ahem Charlie wanted to see her Daddy and as he was getting up she decided it was a good time to get up too!) I had to take my Mum to Mitcham to her eye doctor person this morning so we couldn't laze around all day. Anyway we get home and I go to the mail box and my heart is in my mouth when I see a letter from Charlie's paediatrician as he told me if there was nothing found on the Echo we wouldn't hear from him. I had to put the kettle on and make coffee and physc myself into opening it but thank goodness it was just a little note saying Echo was normal and just an innocent murmur. Phew. Gave my girl an extra special hug and then we both had a nice lie down.

Friday, May 23, 2008

I silently wept as she cried....

Oh I did indeed and I am getting teary now just thinking about it.

Yesterday Charlie had an echo cardiogram, not a painful procedure nor a particularly unpleasant procedure for an adult I guess but for a little 18 month old to be held down on the bed and have those little dots put on her and then the ultrasound wand pressed into her chest, stomach and neck for 20 minutes and have the ultrasound gel rubbed into her I guess was very scary. Judging by the amount of crying VERY scary (her crying not mine).

Shayne came with us and I was so proud of him the way he held her and talked to her while it was being done. I stayed at the end of the bed thing just hanging on to first her sock (which I decided to take off as it was hot in there and I then I used it to wipe my silent tears!) and then her sweet little foot. Kind of hard to get three around a small child on a bed against a wall what with all the equipment etc.

Oh she looked so tiny and so so frightened and then when the tears started I just wanted to snatch her up and run and then the horrible pleading "Muuuummmmyyyy" started and that's what got me. Ugh I am so glad its over, it was probably only about 20 minutes but felt like forever. The only time she stopped crying once she started was when she could hear her heart beat on the monitor thing. When Shayne lifted her up when it was over the sheet underneath her head was soaked from her tears.

Anyway its over now and hopefully wont have to be repeated as it was just a precautionary test for her innocent heart murmur. Her Dr wants to make sure he isnt missing anything so for our piece of mind it had to be done. We had to have it done sometime before she turns 2 so glads its over and hopefully was all good.

Its been quite a week in this household for medical appointments what with that and the previous day the trip to Dr Nick which was just a talking session so nothing to report really we will do a medicated FET (frozen embryo transfer) next month so will see how we go. Went to Medicare yesterday with nearly $900 of receipts and thats just from this month! YIKES Good news is we have now reached the safety net!

Pics of the week......

Keeping an eye on Bella

A serious moment just before bedtime

My cooking often gets a laugh.

Taking bubba's for a walk

Run run run as fast as you can

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Feeding Miaow Miaow (aka Bella)

So Charlie's new favourite job is to feed "Miaow Miaow" or Bella our cat. Every morning she goes to the cupboard where the pet food is kept and says Miaow Miaow and we get out the dry cat food and go and let Bella out of the laundry where she sleeps and put her outside and give her some food. When it gets to about 4.30-5 pm and we see Bella sitting outside the window wanting to come in Charlie runs to the cupboard to get her food, we let Bella in and then I get a sachet of cat food for Charlie to proudly carry to the laundry while I take the dry food, (made the mistake once of letting her carry the dry food....never again!) Bella's happy to be fed, Charlie's happy to be helping to feed her and I'm happy because they are happy.

This past week we have had some very cold weather and one day earlier in the week we had Bella inside with us as it was freezing. Charlie and I were upstairs (playing tea parties) and I guess Bella was sitting somewhere at a distance where Charlie could see her but I couldn't, all of a sudden Charlie looks at me and says "Miaow miaow" and then starts to lick herself on the shoulders. I about wet myself with laughter. She must of been watching her clean herself. I tried to get her to do it again for Shayne but she wouldn't. Funny little thing she is.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

9 little embryo's sitting in a freezer

Strange title for a post I know but I have that running through my head to the tune of "9 green bottles sitting on a wall".
This afternoon we are off to Dr Nick to talk about getting a sibling for Charlie. Am I scared? Well yes ........well not scared because I know what is involved and I think that the unknown is the scariest part of anything. At different times I am worried because I think what if it works, how will I cope with Charlie and a baby and other times I think what if it doesnt work, how will I cope with that. The only thing to do is try though. Definately wont use them all but we will see how we go. One cycle at a time. Anyway my princess is having her sleep and Shayne will be home soon so I had better go and make his lunch like I promised I would. The bonus of this is Charlie and I get to spend the afternoon with Shayne :)


Monday, May 12, 2008

New Kitchen (or is it a submarine?)

Charlie got this new kitchen earlier this week. She had a great time playing with it as a kitchen for an hour or so and then decided she liked it better as a submarine by getting into the oven part. Love her imagination :)

Happy Mothers Day!

I know its a few days late but we've been busy busy.

Had a day at home today and I finally sorted through all of Charlie's old clothes. So far I have about 12 nappy boxes full. I sorted them in sizes so if any of my pregnant friends have girls they can have them depending on their babies size. I have from 00000 to 00. She is still in O's but wont be long into size 1.

I had a lovely Mothers Day. We went for a nice walk to the Market and got coffee and some veges and of course flowers for the mothers. Came home from there and Charlie had a sleep while Shayne cooked me a yummy late breaky. When Charlie woke up we went down to his Mum's and had coffee there with his Mum and Nanna and then we popped into his Aunty's on the way home. Came home for a quick change for Charlie and to grab my Mum's presents and Charlie's jammies and headed over to Mum's where we stayed for take away Chinese. Got home about 8.30pm Charlie fast asleep and stayed asleep all night, so glad I remembered to take her jammies.

Me and my girl Mother's Day 2008

Friday, May 9, 2008

Cupcakes anyone?

These are the cakes I made today:

Charlie's play set cakes:

My favourite time(s) of the day....

In the morning when Charlie wakes up and I am still in bed I love to lie there and listen to her babble and I sneak peaks at her with my head under the doona. Just the sheer look of delight on her face as she repositions her teddies(2) and dolly and blankets(2) around the cot its as if she hasn’t seen them for a month. She is still in our room and will be forever I think. It’s a big room so (a) she’s not in the way, (b) its warmer in winter, (c) cooler in summer, (d) she sleeps all night 99.9% of the time (7pm to at least 7am+) (e) I need a good nights sleep to function properly and if she wasn’t in our room I would be up and down the stairs all night and finally (f) she likes to sleep there :)

So that’s favourite time #1

Then my next favourite time of the day is morning bottle time when we go down and get her bottle and all the way down the stairs she says bot bot? The ? is there because the way she says it is like shes asking a question, a lot of things she says have that tone. So we get the bot bot and I get my coffee and we go and sit on the couch, well I plop her on the couch while I open the blinds, turn tv on etc. then I go and sit beside her and we have cuddles while she drinks. The other morning I obviously took too long to return to the couch because she was sitting there patting the couch for me to sit saying "Mama set Mama set", so cute I had to sit straight down. No matter how rushed we are in the mornings for whatever reason I always try to fit this part of the day in. Also it allows me to watch my favourite show Jon and Kate plus 8 which is a show about a family that have 2 six year olds and 6 two year olds!!! Can you imagine??? Its on at some ridiculous time in the middle of the night so I IQ it and Charlie likes it too because of the kids in it and it only goes about 20 minutes so perfect for us.

Another favourite time of the day is when she goes for her nap (I never imagined I’d say that!) She just (9 times out of 10) pops off to sleep as soon as I lie her down and then for at least the first 20 minutes I run around like crazy doing all the stuff I cant get done when she is awake and then if I haven’t any paperwork to do I can do what I want for 1.5-2 hours. Occasionally I have had a little nap myself but only do this if I am really tired as it always turns out bad…..the phone rings, someone rings the doorbell or a noise happens in the street that wakes me so I always think why do I bother? Sometimes I go in my scraproom and rearrange stuff LOL Havent scrapped much lately but plan to get back into it big time soon. Today I made about a million cupcakes during her sleep. Why? I felt like it so now I have to think about how I can get rid of them . I love making and decorating them but only really like to eat one then I am over them. Shayne wont eat them and Charlie would probably just have a bite and thats it. Will take some pictures of them later.

The next favourite time is when Charlie wakes from her nap, almost always happy and cheerful and so happy to see me when I go in to get her. I get the best hugs then, the two arms wrapped around my neck kind :) Love it and I close my eyes and wish that it would go on forever but probably about 10 seconds is all I get and then she 's ready to get down......there's playing of toys to do!

This ones a bit cruel to Charlie if we happen to be just passing by but I so love the look on her face when we are in the car and go by our local McDonalds and she gets all excited and points and says “Hunner Hunner” and then when we drive by she tries to look back as long as she can with a wistful look in her eyes. Now maybe I should explain why she does and says this. We, on occasion (maybe 2-3 times a week) meet up with my friend Mel and her little boy Hunter for coffee and a play at McDonalds and we both enjoy it, me the coffee and she the play and of course we both enjoy the company. This doesn’t happen on regular days of the week as Mel works shift work and it depends on her roster but usually we make it a couple of times a week. When we do make it there another favourite moment is when Charlie bursts out the door to the playground and the look of sheer delight on her face if Hunter is already there is magic.

OK so as you can see I have quite a few favourite times in my day but I’m not finished yet!

Bath time :) Not the actual time in the bath as I usually end up soaking wet but the sight of her little bare bottom running naked to the bath just gets me every night. Love it love it love it! I videoed it the other day and Shayne and I watched it over and over, oh we are sappy.

My probably favourite of my favourite times (does that make sense) is when Shayne gets home and Charlie is still up, doesn’t happen every day but a couple of times a week usually. Our dog Digger has a particular bark he uses when he hears Shaynes car coming so when Charlie hears that she gets so excited and runs to the front door saying "Dadda Dadda Dadda?" (again with the questioning tone?) Shayne comes in and he gets that special Daddy smile and sometimes a cuddle but usually she smiles at him and then runs off to bring him his slippers. I have not taught her to do this nor is it something I have ever done LOL so don’t know where this has come from. Probably just she has seen his routine of taking off his shoes and putting on his slippers when he gets home.

At this very moment it is one of my favourite times, well not really, I look forward to it for a bit of me time but miss her like crazy until she gets back. Its Saturday afternoon and Shayne has taken Charlie out shopping (Mother’s Day is tomorrow )but usually he takes her somewhere most Saturday afternoons for an hour or so (usually Bunnings which apparently she loves!). The first 5 minutes I love then I cant wait for her to be back. Today though it has enabled me to type out this long rambling post about my favourite times and now its nearly time for them to be home….cant wait. I get a special Mummy hug soon :)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

This weeks favourite photos.

I just downloaded this weeks pics from my camera (only 112 this week!)
These are some of my very favourite ones.

First post....couldnt think of a better title.

So this is the very first post in my new blog. I had a blog a few years ago but darned if I can even remember which site I used and it doesnt appear to be stored on my favourites so maybe in a moment of frustration I deleted the thing. It was boring anyway so believe me you arent missing anything.

As the title of the blog suggests my life is good. How can it not be? I have the most adorable 18 month old and an adorable husband (who is ahem not so adorable at the moment with the most disgusting cold or fluey thing) Poor guy had to have not only the flu inject yesterday but also the one for pneumonia as the drugs he takes for his RA are compromising his immune system and he has been sick with one thing or another since Easter. Hopefully this will only last a day or so and then he will be nice and healthy.

Got my hair cut off today and when I say cut off I mean cut off...... a good 30-40cms gone! My usual hairdresser went AWOL so I had to find another and my friend Sandra gave me the number of a mobile hairdresser, Hayley, who was a lovely lovely lady and when I said I want to cut it off she did it almost straight away in case I changed my mind. Its what I needed and although I am still not used to it and get a fright when I pass a mirror I know it will be much easier to manage. I constantly had my hair up because Charlie likes to pull on it so will be nice to leave it down.

I put Charlie to bed for her nap about 15 minutes before Hayley arrived and thought great we should get a few hours before she wakes as she has been sleeping 2.5-3 hours lately..........WRONG.........One hour and 15 minutes she was awake screaming and she never (well hardly ever) wakes crying usually talking (LOL where does she get that from!) I went up and got her and she had her hands in her mouth so maybe so new toothypegs coming. I cant look anymore cos she bites me and it hurts! Anyway I bought her down and she was as quiet as a mouse for about 20 minutes sitting (yes sitting and sitting still) on my lap while Hayley did my foils. Very well behaved. I put her in her playpen while I had the shampoo and cut and I was also impressed with her there, not one protest, just happily played with her collection of phones. The girl is obsessed with them and has quite a collection, probably about 15. I shouldnt really indulge her obsession as anything she has in her hand she pretends is a phone.....spoon, piece of paper, shoe, dolls bottle, piece of cheese etc. She always says HIIIIIIIIII in her sweet little happy voice and then stuff I cant make out and then a nice cheerful BYYYEEEE. Used to always be Dada on the phone but now it is sometimes Nana.

This morning I rugged Charlie up and put her gum boots on and we went out to the front yard. I had to retrieve the bins from yesterday. We were getting them cleaned once a month ($10) which to start with was great they smelled fantastic (I know it sounds funny but it really was a pleasant smell) but the last few times the have smelled gross, they must of changed their cleaning product and I have been meaning to cancel them but kept forgetting. It also used to annoy me because I would forget to put the money out and then before I knew it it would be up to $30 and as I said the smell was gross so yesterday was to be the final day. I wrote a note and everything and put it out with the $10 but they didnt come so will have to remember to put the note out next month. Anyway out we went and she had a lovely time chasing Bella and running around the front yard. I had a wee bit of a struggle to get her inside again and she couldnt understand why we werent going in the car or pram, poor child I really need to make an effort to take her outdoors more just for the sake of it. We always seem to be running off somewhere in a hurry or running back home in a hurry.

Wow this first post has turned into quite a ramble.

Love and hugs