Sunday, June 29, 2008

Daddy took her shopping......

And look what she came home with!!!!

Actually I dont mind it as Hawthorn are my second favourite team. (Actually its because of Shane Crawford I am seriously in love with him) Anyway it was Saturday afternoon and I was feeling like crap (HRT drugs....How could I have forgotten what they feel like?) Shayne came home and wanted to go to Rebel to get some new shoes so off he went with Charlie and back they came 2.5 hours later (I had a lovely sleep!) with her proudly sporting her new jumper. I have to go and get the numbers this week as Rebel was out of 2's. We need a 23 for Buddy Franklin apparently. He got her a size 2 so it would fit her next season as well...what a sensible man :)

Scribble scribble scribble.....

Recently I got in the mail this Crayola desk, it was a Huggies barcode offer. It came with this piece of paper and a box of crayons. I let Charlie have them and here is the result.....

I think she was quite proud of her picture :)

See she can stack blocks!!!!!!!!

Just had to take these pics when I came out and saw what she was doing.......

Licking the beaters........

So do you remember your first time licking the beaters???? I wonder if Charlie will. Last Sunday I was making a tea cake and she woke up from her sleep just in time to lick the beaters (I only actually gave her one) She loved it :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

$4.20 well spent!

This morning we went to an indoor play centre about 20 minutes away. Charlie and Hunter had an absolute ball (Mel and I did too!) and I can't believe we haven't been to one before. Beats McDonalds playground thats for sure and best thing is they serve coffee too! We were there from 9.30 until 11.30 and Charlie has been in bed asleep since 12ish. 1 hour 30 minutes and counting :) I have cleaned the kitchen, folded washing and even done some paperwork. I just had to come up and print something so decided to download the pics I took this morning. Definately be going back!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Beauty Shop

I bought this for Charlie a few weeks ago as she just LOVES to look in the mirror.

Its really amusing to watch her with the bottles the way she pretends to put lotion on her face and hands and I even caught her rubbing one under her arm as if it was deoderant! She loves to use the hair brush and comb, mainly on me though.

She has recently discovered that the mirror piece is detachable so I find it in all kinds of places.

$20 well spent I think!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Just some pics I love from last week....

Farm pics

We went to Shayne's Dads for the long weekend and plenty of photos taken so here's some of them.....

Charlie had a lovely time and it was bitterly cold although the photos don't show the freezing wind. Her new favourite footwear are now her gumboots.

Little Miss Average

Had Charlie's 18 month MCHN assessment on Tuesday and as the title suggests she is average. Nothing wrong with being average I say. Just about right on the 50th percentile for everything.

WEIGHT: 11.100kg (24lbs 71/2 ozs)
LENGTH: 80.5 cm

She did well with most of the tasks..... picked up some 100's & 1000's, made Mummy a 'cup of tea'..... but was having nothing to do with stacking the blocks, she threw them and I had to climb under the desk to retrieve one, how embarrassing! Gave her a few goes and she eventually stacked 3 on top of each other before knocking them down so she passed. I knew she could do it as she plays with blocks all the time but she just wasn't in the mood at that time. The nurse was saying well we wont be able to pass her blah blah blah and I was thinking so you are going to make me feel like a bad mother are you......I dont think so! Glad I'm an older mother sometimes as I think in my 20's I would be intimidated by someone like that. Sometime children co-operate and sometimes not. Below is a photo of a child not :)

Friday, June 6, 2008

A lovely afternoon

Charlie and I went into the city on Thursday and meet up with my friend Jacki from Tassie. Her husband Peter, his daughter Mikki as well as Jacki's twins Issac and Keeley and two of her older daughters Blair and Marnie were also there. Had a lovely afternoon sitting in the sunshine at Southgate. Charlie loved having the other kids there to attend to her every whim and it was great to catch up with Jacki and Peter. The twins had a gift for Charlie of a tassie devil which she insists on calling meow meow.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Swim swim swim.......

This morning Charlie and I went swimming with Mel and Hunter. Been a few weeks (maybe even months???) since we went but as soon as I put her swimsuit on and got out her swim ring Charlie knew exactly where we were going. She walked (holding my hand) from the car to the pool holding her swim ring and we got a lot of "Oh how cute". She loves the water, my little fish and isn't frightened to put her head under. Mel and I decided that we really have to make the effort to take them more often because they love it so much. It matters not what the weather is as it is an indoor pool and was nice and warm so really we have no excuse. Well I don't, Mel is 32 weeks pregnant so she may not feel up to taking her 18 month old swimming in a few weeks so guess we better make the most of it while we have our swim friends.

Our new wheels.....maybe?????

So we went to Mums on Saturday night and on the way decided to stop and look at a car yard. Next thing I know we are transferring all our stuff into one of these beautiful new Holden Captiva's and leaving my car at the dealership.

What???? Yes they let us take this car for the weekend and I have to return it 'sometime' today.

It is very nice to drive, the only hiccup we had was a flat tyre last night on the way home from Rosebud. Pitch black, middle of nowhere, no torch in the glovebox (I am sure there is one in mine and if not will be putting in there this afternoon), no owners manual about where the spare is and the relevant tools needed. Anyway we figured it out in the freezing cold darkness and when we were almost done a nice man stopped to ask if we needed assistance.....ummm no we needed you 5 minutes ago to shine your lights on us but we are all good now. Nice to know people still stop to help though.

Charlie sat in her carseat the whole time singing her little songs and I was feeding her savoy biscuits to keep her happy. She is such a good girl, nothing really seems to faze her. It was cold, it was dark, it was her dinner time and she sat there for 30 minutes without so much as a grizzle. Hopefully I will get the car back to the dealership without incident today.

Stay tuned for news of what we end up buying.

As you can see Charlie is quite comfortable in it.

More cupcakes.....

I made some more cupcakes on Saturday as we went to Mum's for Luke and Jayden's birthdays.
Charlie had a little sample one early Saturday afternoon and I think she enjoyed it.