Sunday, June 29, 2008

Daddy took her shopping......

And look what she came home with!!!!

Actually I dont mind it as Hawthorn are my second favourite team. (Actually its because of Shane Crawford I am seriously in love with him) Anyway it was Saturday afternoon and I was feeling like crap (HRT drugs....How could I have forgotten what they feel like?) Shayne came home and wanted to go to Rebel to get some new shoes so off he went with Charlie and back they came 2.5 hours later (I had a lovely sleep!) with her proudly sporting her new jumper. I have to go and get the numbers this week as Rebel was out of 2's. We need a 23 for Buddy Franklin apparently. He got her a size 2 so it would fit her next season as well...what a sensible man :)


kirstypiper said...

So cute!!! Sorry you are feeling crappy:-(

Jacki said...

Awww very cute! Isaac says Go Geelong! lol
Hope you are feeling better, let me know what is happening, enquiring (well ok nosy) people need to know!