Thursday, July 31, 2008

Friday favourite 5's

Seeing as I enjoy my friend Kirsty's friday 5's (her lovely blog) I thought it was about time I did my own. I have refrained from doing them for this long as I thought each week they would just be Charlie Charlie Charlie Charlie and Charlie. Of course she will feature in them but will try not to use her in each one.

Favourite #1

Of course is my angel girl.

Favourite #2

How much of a monkey my child is. Who has recently discovered that if she climbs up on her desk can reach not only the light switch but the fan as well!

Favourite #3

My friends new baby girl (just a week old today) Kate Annabelle.....awww just awww :)

Favourite #4

Seeing a rainbow, I just love them. This one was out my back door at 7am one morning earlier this week. A rainbow always makes me smile and this one was quite strange as it wasnt even quite daylight yet.

Favourite #5

Scrapbooking. I now go and scrap here every thursday. Charlie goes to Nanna and Grandpa's and we both have a great day. This is a page I did last week that I absolutely love. I love the lovely ladies I have met through scrapbooking and all the delicious papers etc.

So thats it for my 5 this week. Hopefully will try and make this a weekly thing as I havent been too good at keeping my blog up to date. (see date of last post!)


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Kirsty said...

Wooohoooo Kate!!!!! Your baby is growing SO fast!!!! Looking at her pics beside that tiny new born really brought it home!

Love your faves!